Friday, June 18, 2010

Hollywood Inspiration

It's summer, school is out, and it's far too hot to go outside when the sun's out.  So I've been catching up on roughly a decade of missed television shows.  These things happen when you're a terminal student.

Right now I'm loving Fringe, especially the great shots of Dr. Bishop's lab and, in later episodes his and Peter's very craftsman style house.  Such great eye candy.  And the actual situations, characters, and plots aren't bad either!

The WB has been very nice in putting blocks of episodes up on their website.  Right now they're showing the first ten or so episodes and will soon rotate those out and put up the next ten.  And so on.  Enjoy!  And make sure to watch the second season musical episode "Brown Betty" where the steampunk craftsman style really gets to go a little crazy.

The lab

Peter and Walter investigating - look at that window in the background.  Gorgeous.  And the wall sconces, and the wood ...

Unfortunately I can't find a picture of the Bishops' house but it alone is worth watching the show for.  Gorgeous craftsman details all over.  And, again, the show is good too, so it makes for an enjoyable way to burn some time during these lazy summer days.

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