Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gingko wall art

I first found out about wallies (wall stickers) many years ago when they were first getting started and I loved the idea.  Of course I was also in college and thought christmas lights on the ceiling was the height of modern decor.  Since then I've rather fallen out of love with them as the trompe l'oeil effect of a window looking out to the seaside just doesn't do it for me.  It looks ... well, like a giant sticker. 

 However they do have a few items that I love despite it all.  Current love - their gingko leaf stickers. 

In mini,

I'm not sure where or how gingko leaves got associated with the A&C movement but whatever the history, I'm glad they got together - there's just something cute about those little leaves.  And the smaller ones would be a great touch to a kitchen or bathroom.

If gingko leaves aren't your favorite and you want something a little more steampunk scientist, you can always get the butterfly wallies and mount them in their own little frames.  Very victorian collector without any butterfly fatalities.

Other finds on the Wallie site that show possibilities - 

Chalkboard sticker!  Because every mad scientist needs a place to write down their brilliant!!!! plans.  Keep chalk and eraser nearby.

Tile tattoos.  And while none of the current styles are very arts and crafts-y, they're ALL better than most tile I've seen in older houses.  Not older as in early century chic - older like eighties bland.  We're starting our own house search and, as our current budget best allows for "investment opportunity" houses, we've seen a LOT of bad tile jobs.  And since details like fixing holes in walls and leaks take priority over bad tile, it's great to have something to disguise it.  I might start showing pictures of some of the places we're looking at (nothing identifiable, just pictures of out of date kitchens and 70s country bathrooms) and then giving ideas on how to fix them up Arts and Crafts and Steampunk style.  How does that sound?  It should help me - after seeing so many bad design decisions (faux wood panelling on ALL the walls?  Really?) it should cheer me up and give me some hope for our next place.

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