Monday, May 31, 2010

Nerf it up

Want to add a hint of adventuring to your room?  Display your very own personal protector in the form of a steampunked nerf gun.  Beautiful and so very fun for impromptu nerf battles.  Or are my husband I and the only adults who do that?

This is my favorite - click on the pic to see a larger version to best appreciate the meticulous care put into it.  Made by Jeremy.

For cleaning up your more troublesome experiments.  This is a modified Vulcan that can shoot 500 rounds per minute.  Niiiice.

And here's a cute little one for those times you need to conceal your intentions.  By Utini.

To see how to make your own you can check out Utini's website or go here for a tutorial.


  1. OMG. I am loving these. I am a mad mother of 4 boys and we spend every day playing and imagining. One of our favs. is the nerf gun wars. We own at least 15 different types of nerf guns. We like to have one for everyone in case any of the other kids on the hill visit us for the battles. I love Steampunk, and now this gives me an idea of how we can steam up our guns to enter into some even more imaginative worlds. Thank you so much for this idea.

  2. Thank you and your house sounds like so much fun! What a fantastic way to grow up (or, in the case of the adults in the house, to never quite grow up - the best way to live!)