Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lighting happiness

I love lights.  Perhaps brought on from too many years of minimal light provided by those horrid faux gold floor lamps with plastic cream accordion fold shades - you 80s children, especially those living near a Sears know what I'm talking about, no?  Horrid, horrid things.

So I love lights.  Pretty lights.  Pretty lights with clean lines, a solid, real feel to them (no faux gold!), that work as much as decoration as they do as lighting.

Lighting like this, from RiverOtterWidget's Etsy store.  This one comes with a multiple LED light that gently changes from one color to another which just makes me happy but, for those who like it to function more as a standard light, the maker has kindly added a standard light bulb socket.  So very practical.

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