Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Craftsman style embroidery

Despite traumatic childhood memories involving cross stitch I've found that embroidery can be remarkably therapeutic and enjoyable.  Standard embroidery.  Not cross stitch.  Never cross stitch.

With that I like to collect ideas for possible embroidery designs to spice up a house or to add to clothing.  Textile Studio is an online store with some gorgeous Craftsman style designs and, bonus, you can either buy the items as a kit or admit to yourself that you really won't get around to starting, let alone finishing the kit (I'm still firmly in denial about all those unfinished objects cluttering my crafting corner) and just buy one of her finished items.

Pretty pillows and curtains!  Plus I love that buttercup color on the wall.  Pretty.

I just want all of this room.  The molding, the casing, the bed frame, the color, all of it.

Of course this is all craft and no steam but doesn't this give you some wonderful ideas?  

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