Saturday, March 20, 2010

Porthole views

Of the different sub-genres in the steampunk world I'm decidedly more an explorer type while my husband goes for airship (with a dash of evil lair for his study).  But some of the most amazing steampunk decor I've seen has catered to the 20,000 leagues lovers.  And I do get it - that was a great book and good movie (the Disney version, none of the tv remakes I've seen have done any sort of justice to it).  I just prefer air to water.  But for those who swing the other way, this collection of ideas is for you.

Wilson's Graphics on Etsy has a bunch of fun and realistic looking porthole wall stickers.
The only downside (besides the lack of mechanical squid and undersea city views) is that they likely look like wall stickies - not so three dimentional.

If you want more realism for your room Antiques of the Sea is so my new favorite place to pick up portholes.  Seriously, this place sells them.  A lot of them.

They recommend using this one in a bathroom (that black bit is actually a mirror) or to cover a small wall safe.  I love that.  They also have gauges, compasses, ship wheels, bells, diving accessories, figureheads, and odds and ends.  The whole site is just one amazement after another.  Like I said, this isn't my preferred sub-genre (pun not intended but quite apropos, no?) but I can see getting a gauge or two for my husband's study.

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