Friday, April 30, 2010

Has no one else done this?

This gorgeous glass kitchen backsplash is from the Innoventions Dream Home in Disneyland, California.  A required visit for all steampunk-craftsman lovers, by the way.  And the backsplash looks like a managable DIY project for your own kitchen.  It's three layers, the back one of frosted glass, a layer of very thin decorative stuff (here it's thin stalks and gingko leaves), and a top layer of clear glass.  To reduce the risk of breakage you can substitute plexiglass for the glass in areas where high heat (the stove!) isn't an issue.  I'd imagine the lighter weight of the plexiglass would also be helpful.  And it's great for clean up - just spritz with windex, wipe, and it's done!  SO much better than the faux brick my parents had for a while.  Forty year old porous grout behind the stove?  SO VERY gross.  This is much better.

Back to the pretty - 

Gears, vintage postcards, mad scientists doodles, wall stickers, pressed flowers, ribbons, vintage prints, and pages from old cookbooks all make fantastic decorative layer materials.

To mix it up you can paint the glass, either with a design or one solid color for a jewel-like shine.  Or omit the back layer of glass and use fabric as the decorative layer.  

I'm not entirely sure how one would actually go about installing this but I'm on the lookout and will update if I discover anything. 

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